Massey Psychology Clinics , Ngā Whare Mātai Hinengaro O Te Kunenga Ki Pūrehuroa

We are accepting new clients for all services at this time, although we do have a lengthy wait list. You will then be placed in our wait list pool. Your psychologist will discuss the estimated treatment duration when developing the treatment plan with you. Assessment and treatment at the Clinic are provided by registered Provisional Psychologists undertaking postgraduate psychology training in the Master of Psychology (Clinical) and Master of Professional Psychology programs at USC. Experienced, نمایش پیوند registered Clinical Psychologists and Clinical Neuropsychologists supervise all Provisional Psychologists in the Clinic. Graduate student therapists provide therapeutic services and are supervised by licensed psychologists and other experienced mental health professionals. Once accepted into our program, each student is trained to be critical consumer of and an effective contributor to the empirical research literature in clinical psychology. Treatments provided at the Clinic are evidence-based, برای دیدن ادامه مطلب اینجا را کلیک کنید meaning high-quality research has demonstrated that the intervention effectively reduces the problem you are having. The UC Berkeley Psychology Clinic strives to provide the best available psychological treatments to the larger Bay Area community. Anyone in the area may seek services at the Clinic and a sliding fee schedule allows affordable care for all. We have a clinic on each of our three campuses. The Clinic does not have childcare facilities and does not allow children to remain unaccompanied in the waiting room. Please do not bring children to the Clinic unless requested by your psychologist to participate in treatment. The clinic is staffed by postgraduate interns who are undertaking a postgraduate qualification in psychology. The Clinical Psychology Center at the University of Pittsburgh provides a full range of outpatient psychological services at reduced fees. Individual therapy sessions may range from $6.00 to $40.00 per visit. The information gathered from the series of tests, as well as the clinical interview and review of any accompanying documentation, will inform the clinician(s) in providing a diagnosis (as may be applicable), and to also help identify appropriate treatment recommendations for the client. You may be asked to complete other questionnaires from time to time to monitor treatment effectiveness. We will give you an indication of the waiting time when you contact us. Your Provisional Psychologist will discuss the options with you.

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